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Liquid Properties - Commissioned for 'Munchmuseet on the Move'

2017 - 2018: Munchmuseet / Munch Museum, Oslo, NO

Start of the development of a new commission in collaboration with Toril Johannessen.

Munchmuseet on the Move is a four-year, off-site curatorial project of contemporary art. The aim of the project is to continue and develop the work of the Stenersen Museum in Vika (1994-2015), now part of the Munch Museum. Munchmuseet on the Move consists of two parts: a series of contemporary art commissions, shown in the area between the current Munch Museum at Tøyen and the new museum, currently under construction on the waterfront of Bjørvika; and a series of exhibitions connected to the Stenersen Collection of paintings, drawings and prints, curated and organised by Kunsthall Oslo at a new gallery in Dronning Eufemias gate.

Munchmuseet on the Move

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