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Eurasian Steps - Itinerant exhibition

30 June 2018: Nam June Paik Memorial House (departure point), Seoul, KR

‘Eurasian Steps’ is a day-long ‘itinerant exhibition’ composed of lecture, performance, showcase amongst others.

Date: 30 June 2018, 13:00-18:00 hrs
Location: Nam June Paik Memorial House (departure point), Audio Visual Pavilion, others tbc.
Initiating institution: Casco Art Institute; Working for the Commons in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Curated by: Binna Choi and Mi You

Eurasia, in its most simplistic term, is a landmass that embraces a space between a Western end of Europe and an Eastern end of Asia. Taking this notion of Eurasia, however, promises an exploratory, open-ended journey into one of the most complex thinkings which questions existing borders and distinctions in all dimensions such as the geographical, cultural, political, social ones– and in turn calls for new connections and pathways including the cosmic, geologic and spiritual dimensions. Unmapping Eurasia is a long-term trans-cultural project initiated at Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons that takes an itinerant approach by evolving in several itinerant movements each involving several stopovers where encounters, studies, discoveries, speculation and imagination over other kinds of movements, institutions, infrastructures, resources, and culture will take place in collective forms.  Each movement will leave the traces and pathways to be shared in forms of artworks, maps and/or texts. Unmapping Eurasia is envisioned to be a warm, welcoming gesture to open up one of largest fields for commoning practice and invite other institutional and non-institutional partners on board to be co-initiators, researchers and cartographers to (un)map Eurasia together.

'Eurasian Steps' is a day-long “itinerant exhibition” that invites imagination of another Eurasia. Eurasian Steps refers to the “steps” in a project that attempts to draw an atypical cultural map of “Eurasia.” Concurrently, it recalls the “steppe” of the Great Plain of Central Asia – known as the heart of Eurasia – in order to denounce it for the sake of imagining other pathways across the Eurasian landmass. This imagination is based on the production of cultural differences in the process of constantly moving, crossing and mutating, while taking flight from existing cultural (political) distinctions – especially binary distinctions such as East and West or the localism in Area Studies.

During a day-long exhibition, the figurative journey from Amsterdam via Athens to Seoul would manifest through the pathway from the Nam June Paik Memorial Museum to the West Village (Seo Chon) in the city center of Seoul. Through the long walk (Won Jok) over the course of five hours, the audiences will come in clusters and encounter plural stories and images to patchwork a vision of Eurasia. Won Jok means “a picnic” or “a long distance walk” in the old use of Korean language but verbatim means walking a distance by foot. Eurasian Steps implements Won Jok as a Eurasian method of contracting and imagining the space of the pathway from Amsterdam via Athens to Seoul. Korean- American artist Nam June Paik was often reminiscent of Won Jok from his time of schooling in Korea, and it could be a key concept for understanding the practice of Dutch artist Stanley Brouwn.

More information coming soon.