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Magic and Rituals

4 Nov. 2018 - 10 Febr. 2019: Group exhibition, Museum Villa Rot, Burgrieden-Rot, DE

Our times are characterised by pragmatism, rationality and economy. Often, especially in epochs of this kind, people's desire for magic and magic, for unfathomable powers, is awakened. As alternative models to strictly scientific facts, incomprehensible phenomena are also of great interest to artists. The group exhibition „Magic and Rituals“ in Museum Villa Rot demonstrates how artists deal with miraculous phenomena and the human desire for magic.

Wed – Sat 2 pm – 5pm
Sun & Holiday 11am – 5pm

Museum Villa Rot
Schlossweg 2
D – 88483 Burgrieden – Rot
T : +49 (0) 73 92 / 83 35