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This work is part of the larger collection of works titled Cultivating Probability. The sculptural objects part of Cultivating Probability speculate and unite attitudes and rituals from different cultures and periods of time into a kind of fictional anthropological display. The installation consists of a collection of diverse objects, which are spread throughout the exhibition space where some are susceptible to change and movement.

Predictive Modelling consists of approximately 3000 unbaked hand made clay objects mixed up with a 1200 industrially produced binary metal coins.

Commission by: Global Imaginations, Museum de Lakenhal and the Museum of World Cultures, Leiden, NL

Predictive Modelling

IMG_3089 2BW

Cultivating Probability is based on research into the way how people, in different times and cultures, try to predict and influence decision making processes and the future paths of specific situations.

Some of the objects in the installation are interpretations of ceremonial objects found in the collections of Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden and the Africa Museum in Berg en Dal in the Netherlands, that were made to predict – or ward off – the future.

Others are influenced by historical as well as contemporary objects, rituals or technologies that are used to predict or influence the future around the world.