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Our Vision, Your View (#1-7)

Our Vision, Your View consists of a series of 7 photographs of printed banners with future visions of real estate projects implemented in daily life situations.

Size: Variable size poster prints
Installation: pasted onto the wall
Produced for: BOOM BOOM, 4th Bishkek Contemporary Art Exhibition, KG (2008)
Photos made in: Shanghai, Dubai, Tbilisi, Birmingham amongst others.

"There's a boom of construction in almost all big cities of Central Asia (and former USSR), in spite of general complaints about bad life. Huge amounts of money are invested, fantastic dividends are collected, great human and material resources are involved. But it is obvious, that there is a lack of systematic approach to the problems of cities, lack of professional specialists, deficit of ideas and just a thoughtful attitude to each concrete situation. Gradually it is shaped dehumanized environment, a kind of aggressive hyper-text amidst we have to live."

- Ulan Djaparov curator of BOOM BOOM - 4th Bishkek Contemporary Art Exhibition (2008)