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Installation at Global Imaginations, Leiden, NL (2015)

Conductors are three full copper sculptures part of the project Cultivating Probability. They are bend in different shapes reminiscent of divination devices or scientific instruments, but suggest an other than human use since they are too large and heavy to handle.

ARTEFACT 2017, The Act of Magic, Leuven, BE. Photo: Kristof Vrancken

Cultivating Probability is based on research into the way how people, in different times and cultures, try to predict and influence decision making processes and the future paths of specific situations. The sculptural objects part of Cultivating Probability speculate and unite attitudes and rituals from different cultures and periods of time into a kind of fictional anthropological display.


Commissioned by: Global Imaginations, Museum de Lakenhal, University of Leiden and the Museum of World Cultures, Leiden, NL

Materials: 2 cm diameter full copper industrial rods, various sizes

Installation at Club Solo, Breda, NL (2020)

Installation at Club Solo, Breda, NL (2020)