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Rave Nature (Installation)

Temporary installation in the forest, Maastricht, NL

Rave Nature is a model for a proposal for a concrete platform for events and discussions in a forest near the quarry of the Factory Enci on the border of Maastricht (NL) with trees as the main protagonists build into the stage.

The Enci quarry produces cement for The Netherlands and abroad. Near the factory is a forest called ‘Enci-forest’ which is build on the top layer left over material of the factory. They are the main sponsor of the ‘Cement Festival’. The quarry dug off almost the entire hill called the 'Sint Pietersberg'.

There are a lot of discussions between organisations who want to preserve the natural area and the factory, who wants to expand their activities.

Realised in collaboration with Maarten Vanden Eynde and Wouter Osterholt

Produced for Marres, Cement Festival, Maastricht, NL
Materials: wood, paint



Temporary installation in the forest, Maastricht, NL