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'The Beginning and The End' is part of the collection 'On The Enclosure of Time', a collection of 11 individual works within the installation reference a range of diverse, urgent subjects such as the current economic crisis, ecological processes and rhizomatic forms of knowledge distribution. Together they propose strange and fantastical juxtapositions and create links with modernism, museum display and the aesthetics and narratives of sci-fi

The collection 'On the Enclosure of Time' is one of the outcomes of 'History Rising', a subversive and engaging study of museum display in England, conceived and developed by Marjolijn Dijkman and curator Jes Fernie (2012 - 2015).

A publication on 'History Rising' was published by Onomatopee in 2015.

The Beginning and The End

The Beginning and The End is drawing on the language of museum display and consists of three large display cases containing volumes covered in blue felt.

Instead of showcasing museum objects, these volumes themselves reminds of abstracted exponential growth or degrowth models in statistics.

It suggests and ending or beginning by conserving and enclosing these often digitally created statistical representation in a physical installation.