Back to the Trees

Group Exhibition

27.06.2015: Saline Royale, Arc et Senans, FR

With: Elektrophonie, l’ISBA, La Maison de l’Architecture de Franche-Comté, la Maison de la Poésie Transjurassienne, l’association des villages de la forêt de Chaux and thirty artists and artisans.
Location: La Vieille Loye, site des Baraques du 14

The relation of man to forest has something dizzying and awakens many pictures and emotions: the forest is at once the cradle of humanity, part of solitary or family walks, refuge of the Resistance or a prohibited place and it can generate just as much wonderment, meditation, admiration, that doubt or fear. Be they musicians, visual artists, photographers, film makers, performers, storytellers, architects, landscapers, loggers, charcoal burners, tank tops or shamans, each of the forty contributors bring their interpretation and vision of a environment full of mysteries and legends. Over the decline of the sun, ‘Back to the Trees’ invites the audience for an unusual walk that gradually reveals itself.