Design Sediments

Group Exhibition

31.01–31.03.2024: Huidenclub, Rotterdam, NL

Design Sediments gathers together fourteen artists and designers who explore the contemporary dimensions of sedimentation and larger-than-human time scales. Through extensive explorations of objects and material as interrelated components of earth’s landscapes, the show positions cycles of extraction, production and destruction in relation to ecological and geological conditions. Through this careful and attentive arrangement of works and bodies of material research, Design Sediments projects on to sedimentary pasts and futures – polychronic realities – through the possibility of a weaving entanglement of temporalities within objects.

Emma Charles (UK)
Caroline Corbasson (FR)
Marjolijn Dijkman (NL)
Marlène Huissoud (FR)
Agata Ingarden (FR/PL)
Studio Klarenbeek & Dros (NL)
Agnieszka Kurant (PL)
MBL Architects (FR)
Ori Orisun (IS)
Naïmé Perrette (FR)
Marcin Rusak (PL)
Basse Stittgen (DE/NL)
Studio ThusThat (UK/NL)
Ittah Yoda (FR)

Curated by:
Leo Orta (FR/UK/AR)
Olivier Zeitoun (FR)

On view from 31 January until 24 March 2024.

Huidenclub, Rotterdam. NL