E.S.P. – Visual Fields


03.03.2019: Cinematheque, Vancouver, CA


Fillip and Cineworks are pleased to announce E.S.P., a new, ongoing series looking at the relationship between film and speculative modes of visuality. Focusing on an interdisciplinary space between documentary, narrative, and formalist cinema, E.S.P. will present work that complicates notions of science and fiction and the binary systems of knowledge they have come to represent.

Sunday, March 3 at 2pm at the Cinematheque, Vancouver, for “Visual Fields,” the first of several screenings as part of E.S.P.

The series opens with the North American premier of Reclaiming Vision(2018), a new film by Marjolijn Dijkman and Toril Johannessen, and the Canadian premier of Motion at a Distance (2018) by Lindsay Packer and Andrew Yong Hoon Lee. The screening will conclude with a screening of Phase Transitions in Liquid Crystals (1978) by the groundbreaking French director Jean Painlevé.

Film Program

Reclaiming Vision
Directed by Marjolijn Dijkman and Toril Johannessen
2018 / DCP / 27 Min.
Music by Henry Vega

Set in the brackish waters of the inner Oslo Fjord, Reclaiming Visionmimics the tropes of scientific research but in ways that complicate various paradigms of human inquiry. As the Dijkman and Johannessen declare, “the film is inspired by real and historical events,” in a way that draws connections between micro-organic life and our mediated relationship to a changing natural environment.

Motion at a Distance
Directed by Andrew Yong Hoon Lee and Lindsay Packer
2018 / 16mm / 4 Min.

Motion at a Distance combines Lee’s interest in optical sound with Packer’s background in light-based installation and performance. Shadow shapes emerge, interact, and receded as luminous, temporary geometries call into question the division between analog and digital ways of seeing and believing. Production support received from Mono No Aware, New York.

Phase Transitions in Liquid Crystals
Directed by Jean Painlevé
1978 / DCP / 7 Min.
Music by François de Roubaix

Known for his completely unclassifiable films, Painlevé’s work helped craft a new cinematic language existing between poetry, abstraction, and science. Our screening of Phase Transitions in Liquid Crystals was generously supported by Les Documents Cinématographiques, Paris.

E.S.P.: Visual Fields

The Cinematheque, 1131 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2K8, Canada