Exploring Nature

Group Exhibition

21.04–13.06.2021: Skovhuset, Værløse, DK

The 2021 programme consists of four group exhibitions, with activities and events accompanying each exhibition. The programme embraces key themes in the field of art and nature, and the ways different artists view and address the interaction between the two in contemporary life and society.

The first exhibition of 2021 explores nature through the works of national and international contemporary artists. Through the curiosity and tenacity of artists’ investigations we encounter the manifold phenomena of the complex nature surrounding us.

With: Rune Bosse, Stefanie Bühler, Marjolijn Dijkman, Tue Greenfort, Toril Johannessen, Sanna Kannisto, Anders Moseholm and Marika Seidler.

Curated by: Lene Crone Jensen


Skovhuset Art & Nature is an independent art space and centre for cultural activities. Skovhuset (the Forest House) is located in a forest by Søndersø Lake in Værløse, not far from Copenhagen. Skovhuset has been an art space since 1975, when a group of local art enthusiasts supported by the local council took over a large, empty family summer house from 1923 and the forest surrounding it. The house and forest have been dedicated to indoor and outdoor exhibitions and events ever since.