Performing Objects

Group Exhibition

14.10–14.12.2022: Cc Strombeek-Grimbergen, BE

Performing Objects is one of the many projects introduced by Enough Room for Space (ERforS). ERforS is a collective arts initiative from Drogenbos that has been initiating and coordinating events, residencies, research projects and exhibitions worldwide since 2005. ERforS acts as freely as possible, always putting the context and the idea above the medium and challenging the barriers between different disciplines (artistic, scientific or activist). ERforS wants to expose, manipulate and invent different ways of being part of this constantly changing world.

The Performing Objects project was launched in 2014 and is today formed by a dozen artists who experiment with objects in their artistic practice. Within this initiative, the artists explore the ways in which an object itself can transform into “an interactive performer” in relation to its audience and/or user. To this end, the members create playful and experimental situations that test our human relationship to objects and how it is reflected. They organise group sessions, constructive feedback moments, workshops, lectures, site visits, meetings with guests, projects, … and also produce publications.

At Cc Strombeek Performing Objects will present the personal results of their artistic research between 2014-2022. The exhibition space will function as a kind of “depot” that will be activated during a public programme of activities. The current members are Pauline Hafsia M’barek, Sarah van Lamsweerde, Bie Michels, Alice De Mont, Marjolijn Dijkman, Rune Peitersen, Kristof Van Gestel, Dimitri Vangrunderbeek and Guy Woueté. The group usually meets in Drogenbos at the site of ERforS. Besides other public moments (including lectures), the group have organised several exhibitions in Drogenbos and participated in exhibitions in Shanghai (2015), in Raversijde (2016), in Oslo (2016) and in Ghent (2017).


On the 12th of November Henry Vega and Jan Willem Troost will perform live with the screening of Reclaiming Vision by Marjolijn Dijkman & Toril Johannesen in the theatre.

“Captured through a light microscope, ‘Reclaiming Vision’ reveals various processes in the water that are hidden to the naked human eye. By investigating the brackish water, its inhabitants, its properties, and the traces left by human activities, the film is a reflection upon the relationship we humans have with our surroundings, especially through what we cannot see.  The music for the film is a composition for electronics, cello and voice, created by Henry Vega.


Dates: 14 October – 14 December 2022

Location: Studio S Cc Strombeek
Gemeenteplein 1
1853 Strombeek-Bever

Opening: Friday 14 October from 18:00 – 21:00

Participants in the event program and exhibition: Alice De Mont; Marjolijn Dijkman with Toril Johannessen, Henry Vega, Jan Willem Troost; Sarah van Lamsweerde with Dada Stella Kitoga, Esther Mugambi; Pauline Hafsia M’barek; Bie Michels with Liantsoa Rakotonaivo; Rune Peitersen; Kristof Van Gestel; Dimitri Vangrunderbeek with Wouter Krokaert; and Guy Woueté.