Permanent work at Vent des Forêts

Solo Exhibition

15.07.2023: Inauguration 2023, Vent des Forêts, Lahaymeix, FR

With: Marjolijn Dijkman, Théophile Péris, Joana Escoval, Max Coulon, Manon Galland, Marion Pinaffo and Raphaël Pluvinage, Marguerite Li-Garrigue, Tahea Drollet and Aurélien Lepage.

Works produced in collaboration with artisans: Chaudronnerie Rennesson (Chauvoncourt, 55), Ebénisterie Les Meubles de Mon Grand-Père (Villotte-sur-Aire, 55), Atelier Gamil (St-Mihiel, 55), TSM Laquage (Chauvoncourt, 55), EMS Location (Chauvoncourt, 55), Tuilerie Royer (Soulaines-Dhuys, 10), Poterie Richard Ozik (Arrigny, 10), Charpente Otenin (Neuville-en-Verdunois, 55), Elevage Cyril Weiss (Baudrémont, 55), Centre de déminage (Metz, 57) and association volunteers.

Vent des Forêts is a contemporary outdoor art space, around thirty kilometers from Verdun, in the department of Meuse. Vent des Forêts is a 5,000-hectare contemporary art center of national interest, which develops artistic projects linked to the rural territory, the landscape and its inhabitants. In this sense, Vent des Forêts offers today’s artists a unique alchemy for the production of works and artistic actions on its site and in the wider region. It was created in 1997 in the territory of six farming and forest villages: Dompcevrin, Fresnes-au-Mont, Lahaymeix, Nicey-sur-Aire, Pierrefitte-sur-Aire, and Ville-devant-Belrain.

This original marked trail features over a hundred works of art created on-site by visual artists from all over the world. They are made using materials from the Meuse region: limestone from Euville and Savonnières, untreated wood, and iron… Each new work strengthens the ties between artists, the local population, artists’ host families, and volunteers from the association that manages the site.

During the annual artistic production residencies, the six forest villages welcome visual artists to the heart of the Meuse, in the Lorraine region of eastern France. On this occasion, the rural world and artists come together. As a result, works of art are created along 45 kilometers of specially marked trails, freely accessible from March to the end of September.

Vent des Forets


Image: Déjà vu, Marjolijn Dijkman, 2023