Group Exhibition

29.02–22.03.2020: Art Souterrain Festival 2020, Montréal, CA

“What if you could, by the press of a button erase everything, what would you do with this blank canvas? If you could start from nothing how would you imagine the world?”

Humanity is at a turning point. Should we persist in our habits or become aware of our repetitive way of life in order to rebuild from the ground up. Shaking up our routine and changing our habits can cause intense moments of insecurity. This can lead to painful reassessments and a loss of our points of reference.

The climatic, economic and political upheavals are on the front page of our news feeds. Individually and collectively, if they want to survive, human beings need to change their way of connecting with the world but also with each other.

“Is Manichaeism the only solution? Should we only think in terms of utopia and dystopia in order to discover new avenues?”

Curated by: Dulce Ponzón, Juliette Bibasse, Lynn Bannon, Marie Perrault.

Art Souterrain