Solo Exhibition

10.09–25.10.2020: Club Solo / Breda Photo, Breda, NL

Visual artist Marjolijn Dijkman (Groningen, 1978) makes video installations, photographs and site-specific sculptures. In her work she focuses on the overarching question of how we, as a human species, relate to the world and the universe around us. Within her practice she explores the fields of scientific research and analyses the mainstream dissemination of images, cultural norms, and the exploitation of natural resources. What emerges in Dijkman’ practice is a call for a kind of modesty: one that includes embracing the unknown, accepting the existence of alternative knowledge systems, and taking the invisible into account. Dijkman’ work is critical and activist but is expressed in a strong visual poetic imagery.

Together with Maarten Vanden Eynde, Dijkman also runs the research-oriented art initiative Enough Room for Space (Brussels).

BredaPhoto is the largest photo exhibition in the Benelux and is held every two years in Breda. During this seven-week photo exhibition, national and international top photographers – together with new talent – exhibit their work at attractive indoor and outdoor locations in Breda. The 9th edition of BredaPhoto will be held from September 9 to October 25, 2020.

The best of times / The worst of times. “Change is a constant in history. But it is clear the pace of social, cultural and political changes is now very fast. Women direct the most powerful institutions in the world. And are cast as ‘superheroes’ in Hollywood movies. Museums are being ‘decolonialized’. Our patterns of consumption need to radically change if we are to combat climate change. On the world stage, China flexes its muscles while the USA takes a step backwards. What is the world of tomorrow going to look like? No-one knows. This uncertainty can be frightening but it also offers opportunities: for more equality and a more consciousness approach to how we interact with our planet. And let’s be honest: isn’t it exciting to witness the birth of a new world order?”