The Future Stands Still But We Move In Infinite Space

Group Exhibition

17.01–23.02.2019: OSL Contemporary, Oslo, NO

Group show with Kamilla Langeland, Andrew Amorim, Ane Graff, Jenine Marsh, Toril Johannessen & Marjolijn Dijkman and Juan-Pedro Fabra Guemberena

Curated by Randi Grov Berger

“The atoms of our bodies are traceable to stars that manufactured them in their cores and exploded these enriched ingredients across our galaxy, billions of years ago. For this reason, we are biologically connected to every other living thing in the world. We are chemically connected to all molecules on Earth. And we are atomically connected to all atoms in the universe. We are not figuratively, but literally stardust.” 

― Neil deGrasse Tyson

The exhibition brings together a group of artists who all challenge our perception of the world and creates awareness of how different elements are entangled in a network of relations. The complexity and relational nature in their works offer a change of perspective of the world and our place in it. Through sculpture, photography, collage, film and drawing; microscopic to intergalactic matter are studied through the camera lens, observed through the microscope, the telescope, or by techniques like inversion, touch and growth, pressings, or free association combining imagery and symbols from dreams and memories. These artists perceive the world as a continuous and difficult dialogue with objects, memories, sensations, possibilities and prohibitions.

The title of this exhibition is borrowed from one of its artworks and originates from Rainer Maria Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet.

Image: Juan-Pedro Fabra Guemberena, Black Madonnas (2010-ongoing). Ink on magazine paper

Opening hours: Tue – Fri:12 – 17  / Sat:12 – 16

Address: OSL, Haxthausens gate 3, 0263 Oslo, Norway

OSL Contemporary