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Group Exhibition

-162 °C, 450 kg/m³ Fossile Energy, Fragile Futures

09.03–05.05.2024: Kunsthalle Willemshaven, Willemshaven, DE

The complex relationship between energy production, environmental protection and social justice is the focus of the exhibition -162 °C, 450 kg/m³ – FOSSILE ENERGY VERSUS FUTURE. Multimedia artistic positions address the use of natural gas, oil and coal in various regions of the world and highlight forms of resistance to the expansion of fossil infrastructures. The mining of raw materials such as uranium and lithium, which are needed for batteries and are playing an increasingly important role in the course of the “energy transition”, will also be examined.

With: Ana Alenso, Ayọ̀ Akínwándé, Andrew Castrucci, Marjolijn Dijkman, Sonja Hornung & Daniele Tognozzi, Susanne Kriemann, Bram Kuypers, Rachel O’Reilly, Oliver Ressler, Miriam Sentler and others.

Group Exhibition

Power Up. Technical Imaginaries and Social Utopias

15.02–28.04.2024: Kunsthalle Mulhouse, Mulhouse, FR

The exhibition Power Up, Technical Imaginaries, and Social Utopias refers to energy infrastructures from a feminist perspective. This collaborative project explores links between technical worlds, common goods, and connected representations.

With: Carla Adra, Jeanne-Marie et Georges Alexandroff, Jessica Arseneau, Marjolijn Dijkman, Hilary Galbreaith, Maya Mihindou, Jürgen Nefzger, Claude Parent, Christian de Portzamparc, Liv Shulman, Suzanne Treister, Tomi Ungerer.


Electrify Everything at Biennale NOVA

16.02.2024: Plurivers & Contingence, Biennale NOVA_XX, Paris, FR

The 4th edition of the NOVA_XX Biennale will feature the work of 41 artists. Among the works presented in the anarkhè-exposition, several focus on cosmogonies in the liquid age, on the imaginary of space conquest, measuring instruments and nano worlds, and others on bio-art that allows us to measure the space of the duration of their display of non-human performativities, and still others on issues of geoengineering and artificial intelligence.


Between the Lines @ Winter sessions

12.02–16.02.2024: V2_ Lab for Unstable Media, Rotterdam, NL

After a first Tryday at V2_ in 2023, artist Marjolijn Dijkman and electro-technician Lukas Pol will further develop the robotic experiments for a new film and sound installation. Between the Lines (in progress) will trace the monumental impact of climate change, industrialization, and the First World War in the polluted and traumatized landscapes of the ‘Zone Rouge’ in the North East of France.

The installation includes a new music composition written by composer Henry Vega and will open in May 2024.


Countering Extractivism

07.02.2024: CIVA, Brussels, BE

The evening will be dedicated to what has been described as “green colonialism,” the development of renewable energy futures that often involves the dispossession of communities and the degradation of ecosystems. The event will focus on the consequences of the extraction of lithium, a scarce resource that plays a key role in the so-called green transition necessary for a more sustainable world. With: Marina Otera Verzier and On-Trade-Off.

The evening will be followed by a conversation, moderated by Nikolaus Hirsch and Silvia Franceschini, and Electrify Everything, a performance by Pom Bouvier-b and Marjolijn Dijkman (with a text by Jean Katambayi Mukendi).

Group Exhibition

Design Sediments

31.01–31.03.2024: Huidenclub, Rotterdam, NL

Design Sediments gathers together fourteen artists and designers who explore the contemporary dimensions of sedimentation and larger-than-human time scales. Through extensive explorations of objects and material as interrelated components of earth’s landscapes, the show positions cycles of extraction, production and destruction in relation to ecological and geological conditions. Through this careful and attentive arrangement of works and bodies of material research, Design Sediments projects on to sedimentary pasts and futures – polychronic realities – through the possibility of a weaving entanglement of temporalities within objects.

With; Emma Charles; Caroline Corbasson; Marjolijn Dijkman; Marlène Huissoud; Agata Ingarden; Studio Klarenbeek & Dros; Agnieszka Kurant; MBL Architects; Ori Orisun; Naïmé Perrette; Marcin Rusak; Basse Stittgen; Studio ThusThat.


First WaterLANDS Residency Periods

October-December 2023: WaterLANDS, Ems-Dollard, NL

The residency focuses on ecological restoration in the context of the largest estuary and surrounding landscape in the North of the Netherlands. EU Horizon has funded the selection of six artists to each reflect on one of six different ecological restoration sites in Europe as part of the large-scale and ambitious project ‘WaterLANDS‘ (2023-2026).


Start: Beyond the Ruins of the Future

01.10.23–01.10.27: Candidate PhD in the Arts, LUCA – School of Arts Brussels / Leuven University, BE

From the 1st of October 2023, Marjolijn Dijkman will be part of the artistic research cluster Deep Histories Fragile Memories as a Ph.D. candidate at LUCA – School of Arts Brussels / Leuven University under the supervision of Wendy Morris. Research of the members of dhfm engages with the recuperation of marginalised histories, with ecologies and situated enquiries, with experimental writing, listening, and the shaping of new narratives.

Group Exhibition


09.09.2023–07.01.2024: Art and Museum Centre Sinkka, FI

Magic and sleight of hand have always fascinated people. The Magic! exhibition makes visitors question their eyes and wonder if they are witnessing something wondrous, or even magical.

With: Christian Andersson, Gregory Barsamian, Louis De Belle, Marjolijn Dijkman, Tobias Dostal, Juhana Moisander, Juan Muñoz & Gavin Bryars, Nickolas Muray, Kalle Nio, Taneli Rautiainen, Hans Rosenström, Etienne Saglio / Monstre(s), Antoine Terrieux / Blizzard Concept.

Group Exhibition

Terra Libera – Extractivism

08.09.2023–28.01.2024: Rijksmuseum Twente, Enschede, NL

The extraction of raw materials leaves deep traces in the landscape and has consequences for people, economy and (geo)politics.

With: Leon de Bruijne, Edward Burtynsky + Jennifer Baichwal + Nicholas de Pencier, Marjolijn Dijkman, Tanja Engelberts, Krištof Kintera, Knowbotiq, Esther Kokmeijer, Candice Lin, Lo-Def Film Factory, Otobong Nkanga, Naomi Rincón Gallardo en Troika.

Group Exhibition

Shifting Sceneries

26.08.2023–28.01.2024: 1st GIST Triennale, BE

With: Alice Vanderschoot, Anna Burvenich, Anneke Eussen, Atelier Van Lieshout, Bart Lodewijks, Elias Cafmeyer, ‍Fabian Seibert, Francesca Ferreri, Henk Visch, Honoré δ’O, Isabel Fredeus, Jan Detavernier, ‍Kaat Van Doren, Laura Nsengiyumva, Léo Fourdrinier, Lobke Meekes, Lode Laperre, Maarten Vanden Eynde, ‍Marjolijn Dijkman, Maxime Brigou, Nils Verkaeren, Peter Terrin, Renato Nicolodi, Rob Sweere, Strook, ‍Suzette Boursma, Tina Gillen, Ugo Schiavi, Willem Boel.


Selected for WaterLANDS Artistic Engagement Residency

2023-2026: Ems-Dollard Estuary, NL

The Horizon 2020 project WaterLANDS (Water-based Solutions for Carbon Storage, People, and Wilderness) has selected six artists to complete a 4-year part-time placement as part of the WaterLANDS Artistic Engagement Residency.

Artists: Maria Nalbantova (Bulgaria), Elo Liiv (Estonia), Christine Mackey (Ireland), Claudio Beorchia (Italy), Marjolijn Dijkman (Netherlands), and Laura Harrington and Fiona MacDonald(Feral Practice) (United Kingdom).


LASER Talk: Restoring the Human Element

09.11.2023: MAXLab, Antwerp, BE

LASER Talk with Frank Theys, Eva- Maria Lopez, Ronny Blust, Edith Doove, Marjolijn Dijkman, Florian Zanatta. MAXLab invites artists and scientists working at the intersection of art and technology to a debate on reintroducing the human element at the center of scientific and technological progress and the role of the arts in this.

Solo Exhibition

Reclaiming Vision

29.09–02.12.2023: Iselp, Brussels, BE

Captured through a light microscope, ‘Reclaiming Vision’ features a diverse cast of microorganisms and reveals various processes in the water that are hidden to the naked human eye. By investigating the brackish water, its inhabitants, its properties, and the traces left by human activities, the film is a reflection upon the relationship we humans have with our surroundings, especially through what we cannot see.

Solo Exhibition

Permanent work at Vent des Forêts

15.07.2023: Inauguration 2023, Vent des Forêts, Lahaymeix, FR

Vent des Forêts is a contemporary outdoor art space, around thirty kilometers from Verdun, featuring over a hundred works of art created on-site by visual artists from all over the world. The ephemeral or long-lasting artworks are exposed to time and the weather and are therefore kept in place as long their condition allows.

With new works by Marjolijn Dijkman, Théophile Péris, Joana Escoval, Max Coulon, Manon Galland, Marion Pinaffo and Raphaël Pluvinage, Marguerite Li-Garrigue, Tahea Drollet and Aurélien Lepage.


On-Trade-Off @ Pre-Biennial Research Residency

25 June – 12 July 2023: Manifesta 15, Barcelona, ES

Manifesta 15 Barcelona has created a new framework for social and ecological research, actions and interventions that are being established with ten research participants across Barcelona. In the pre-biennial phase, the selected participants are investigating specific thematic components in the three interconnected nodes identified by the Manifesta 15 team. The collective working within the theme of imagining the future is the transnational collective On-Trade-Off, who will be focusing on energy, post-colonialism and the past and present of the industrial Besòs area.


Tryday: Between the Lines

02.06.2023: Tryday, V2_ Lab for Unstable Media, Rotterdam, NL

This Tryday, artist Marjolijn Dijkman, composer Henry Vega, percussion instrument maker Orlando Aguilar Velazquez and electro-technician Lukas Pol will share the first robotic experiments for the film and sound installation Between the Lines (work in progress). Between the Lines will trace the monumental impact of climate change, industrialization, and the First World War in the polluted and traumatized landscapes of the ‘Zone Rouge’ in the North East of France.


Première: Electrify Everything

27.05.2023: Framer Framed, Amsterdam, NL

With Pom Bouvier b., Marjolijn Dijkman and Jean Katambayi Mukendi.
‘Electrify Everything’ invites the audience to reflect on the structuring power of electricity and its relation to resources and exploitation. Pom Bouvier-b. and Marjolijn Dijkman will create a sound composition using the electric charge of specific objects and devices as a medium, playing on the variations of magnetic fields. Jean Katambayi Mukendi wrote a text for the performance based on the language of electricity. The units of electricity create different chapters that explore the history and the current state of energy production in an associative and poetic interpretation of electric terminology.

Group Exhibition

On-Trade-Off: Charging Myths

23.02–04.06.2023: Framer Framed, Amsterdam, NL

On-Trade-Off is an artist collective that works on the contemporary dimensions of a question as old, as mythical and as strategic as our relation to energy. Taking the recent run on lithium as a starting point, the project explores a wide range of issues in the history of electricity, from raw materials for technology industries to financial speculation.  Charging Myths brings together the extremes of the world-spanning value chains, and abusive mining economies, from its exploitative mining economies to the seductive surface of products.

With: Alexis Destoop, Marjolijn Dijkman, Pélagie Gbaguidi, Femke Herregraven, Alain Nsenga, Jean Katambayi Mukendi, Dorine Mokha & Elia Rediger, Musasa, Georges Senga, Pamela Tulizo, Maarten Vanden Eynde.

Group Exhibition

3rd Chronique Biennale: The Night

10.11.2022–22.01.2023: Marseille, FR

The 3rd edition of the Biennale of Digital Imagination will take place in Aix-en-Provence, Marseille and Avignon. Through its opening nights, exhibition trails and industry events, the Biennale provides a chance for 60 or so digital artists to explore the theme of The Night. Imagined as being a journey, these nights invite you to discover a complete panorama of the Biennial between Marseille and Aix-en-Provence through exhibitions, works in public spaces, concerts, performances, and meetings.

Group Exhibition

Performing Objects

14.10–14.12.2022: Cc Strombeek-Grimbergen, BE

At Cc Strombeek Performing Objects will present the personal results of their artistic research between 2014-2022. On the 12th of November Henry Vega and Jan Willem Troost will perform live with the screening of Reclaiming Vision by Marjolijn Dijkman & Toril Johannesen.

“Captured through a light microscope, ‘Reclaiming Vision’ reveals various processes in the water that are hidden to the naked human eye. By investigating the brackish water, its inhabitants, its properties, and the traces left by human activities, the film is a reflection upon the relationship we humans have with our surroundings, especially through what we cannot see. The music for the film is a composition for electronics, cello and voice, created by Henry Vega.


Residency Period – Development Performance

26.09–03.10.2022: Q-O2, Brussels, BE

Pom Bouvier b. and Marjolijn Dijkman will further develop their collaborative live performance ‘Electrify Everything’ (worktitle), which reflects on the structuring power of electricity and its relation to extractivism. They both use an experimental technique that brings the organicity back into a phenomenon that by nature is dynamic and living. Jean Katambayi Mukendi has been invited to write a text for the performance based on the language of electricity.

Solo Exhibition

Depth of Discharge

16.09–13.11.2022: Solo, Turku Art Museum, FI

Depth of Discharge (2021) examines electricity through its mesmerizing magic, natural science, and the ideas of the Enlightenment, featuring objects associated with technology and energy use, including lithium, coal, circuit boards, copper wires and personal devices.

Group Exhibition

Everything Will Be Fine

14.09–10.10.2022: Museum of Technology, Berlin, DE

“Everything Will Be Fine” is an outdoor exhibition by the Berlin-based NGO Tactical Tech in co-production with HAU Hebbel am Ufer. Visitors are invited to enter a unique inflatable structure and follow self-chosen paths to reflect on their own reactions to our mounting planetary crises. With: Paolo Cirio, Marjolijn Dijkman,, Vladan Joler, Egor Kraft, Agnieszka Kurant, Sybille Neumeyer, Liam Young and others.